First Photos Of The Playground Orange County

We’ve almost finished installing all the professional equipment (lighting, HD monitors, Sony HD Cameras, Theater Seating, etc.) and it’s time to show you how it looks!

We can’t wait to meet all the new “playgrounders” from Orange County – see you soon.

The Playground OC Lobby

The Playground OC Wall Art 1

The Playground OC Lobby 2

The Playground OC Studio 1

The Playground OC Studio 2

The Playground OC Wall Art 2

4 thoughts on “First Photos Of The Playground Orange County

  1. Congratulations you, Gary, and to all the staff and instructors! It looks beautiful, and I am sure you will fill it immediately!

    All the best!

  2. Thank you for opening up this new Playgroung facility in orange county. It sonly 30 minutes from were i live in riverside. Now I can enroll my son in a good acting class.

  3. i would like to find out more about the acting classes when are u going to open in orange country and how much is it for classes? hope to hear from u soon 760-713-4862

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