The Playground Acting Classes

The Playground Graduation Videos

Every year, our graduating students star in short films produced at The Playground. If you’re thinking about joining The Playground and you want to get an idea of some of the talent at our studios, check out our graduation videos. Our graduation videos star kids, teens, and young adults. Most of our students start off very shy, as most kids are, but one look at...

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How To Get On The Disney Channel

In this short blog post, you’ll discover how to increase your chances of becoming a Disney actor. Every year there are millions of children that want to be a Disney Channel star. When a¬†character for a Disney show is cast through a tryout that’s open to the public, the casting directors would be barraged with thousands of children and teens all searching for their huge...

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Top 5 Reasons To Take Acting Classes

Need to learn to act? I know you’re excited to work in Hollywood, but hang on! You shouldn’t try to turn into a star without any experience. An acting class may give you the edge you need to achieve your dreams. Is it your desire to break into film acting and turn into a big Hollywood actor or performing artist? Provided that this is true,...

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